Published March 3, 2015
Now mired in the Dept of Homeland Security (DHS) funding morass, the congressional GOP majority and GOP governors are now bracing for another potential public relations disaster. If the Supreme Court rules that federal subsidies to the so-called "fallback" federal exchange are illegal in King v. Burwell, it has become increasingly clear that 6 million Americans' health insurance is at risk -- and the Democrats are working overtime plotting how to blame the GOP. .... read more
RT That Time John Kasich Got Kicked off the Stage at a Grateful Dead Show via @bpolitics
March 27
Durbin never did (or would) have a chance against schumer
March 27
@VirginiaBuckin1 ginny, u recall that little rock trip w/ gov weld? didnt work out so well as begala and co. counterpunched furiously #TBT
March 26