Published September 6, 2014
Kansas GOP Senator Pat Roberts has a challenging race -- lets establish that as a fact. But at the end of the day he will win. In campaigns, especially, things are generally never as 'bad' as they first appear nor as 'good' as they first appear. Right now, the 'bad' narrative hovering over Roberts' re-elect is worse than the reality. .... read more
chronically underestimated RT George Pataki mulls 2016 bid
September 30
RT Many Rural Hospitals Excluded From Govt Push For Better Quality - Kaiser Health News #medicaid #medicare
September 30
xcellent selections MT @MichaelMcKeonNY Radio Woodstock (100.1) to The Peek (107.1); finish w/Fordham's WFUV (90.7). Great ride from Albany
September 29